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16 Feb 2012

I love this picture… and at the same time it makes me so sad…

I love this picture… and at the same time it makes me so sad…

7 Feb 2012

My poem inspired by the anime Tenjou Tenge and the poet Arthur Sze.

3 Nov 2011

Pretty awesome week

So this week has been really good so far. Eddie and I got to go to Lexi’s Halloween party and participate in Samhain ritual. It was very cleansing and meeting everyone was fun. It seemed to be a “couples” party because everyone was paired up, which I thought was cool. I dressed up as a female Grimm Reaper and got a few compliments on it. the make up took forever and got on everything but completed my outfit. Eddie was awesome, even when I got make up all over his face when kissing him goodbye. LOL

Then Wednesday I gave Jskull and Eddie their housewarming gifts. Apparently Jskull was speechless he was so surprised. I just hope things will start going better from now on and there won’t be anymore “trouble.” Later that night, we get lost with Scott on the way to the Drunken Noodle before game, and I had to redirect us with my gps. It was interesting. Game wasn’t as fun as usual because I was really tired and my character wasn’t able to do what I wanted.

Thursday was better because Eddie and I got to hang out all day just us. I helped him pick out glasses at the eye doctor, and we got lunch at Rich and Charlies. It was comfy and fun until he had to drop me off to go to boy’s night. I just miss him and me time… I want to spend more time together.

And Saturday I get to move my stuff out of one storage place to another, because the one I’ve got now costs way too much per month. My brother is supposed to help me move stuff before Eddie gets off work. Hopefully I’ll get to see Eddie that night after I move most of my stuff. We can relax together ^_^